The Founders


Hi, I’m John! I am a graduate from the best university in the world, Ohio University. I graduated with a degree in Sport Management and a Business minor. I am the founder of Solid State Beverages LLC and I am more than proud to say I’ve helped bring this company to where it is today. Here at Solid State Beverages LLC, I am responsible for managing relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and producers as well as leading all aspects of sales from developing strategic sales plans to executing and measuring the success of those plans. Additionally, I oversee everyday business operations and strive to continually increase the market share of this company. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Solid State and the two geniuses behind it! If you want to know anything more, feel free to contact me:


Hi,  I’m AlexI’m a recent graduate of Ohio University with a degree in Finance and I am the co-founder of Solid State Beverages LLC. With prior experience in finance and accounting, I manage day-to-day business finances, search for cost-cutting solutions, and seek out potential revenue producing opportunities. I am responsible for all accounting practices including preparing all necessary financial statements, overseeing budgets, and preparing local, state, and federal tax returns as needed for Solid State Beverages LLC. I also oversee everyday business operations and I am very excited for the future of Solid State Beverages LLC. Thank you for looking us up! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know anything else:



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